McClellan’s Anniversary Double Oak Wheated Bourbon Barrel Pick


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Congratulations to McClellan’s Pub on 10 years of great whiskey, great food, and great times!

This barrel was hand-picked by Amy when she visited our distillery. It is a 5-year (ALMOST 6) 51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% barley bourbon, originally from MGP and double oaked in a char 1, heavy toast barrel from Speyside Cooperage in Jackson, OH. We absolutely love it!

Once you purchase, your bottle must be picked up in person at Echo Spirits, 985 W. 6th Ave. Columbus, OH 43212 during our normal bar hours, which can be found on our website at Due to state law, we cannot ship. We will hold your bottle for 30 days before donating it to charity. Dye to state law, we also cannot refund orders. We will make attempts to contact you to remind you of your pickup.